Why Do Women See Men as Fixer-Uppers?







Why Do Women See Men as Fixer-Uppers?

As an expert matchmaker, I really had to think long and hard about this question.

Are women all really looking for the perfect man? After all, we are ransacked daily with the likes of Hollyhunks like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckman.

Most men feel like they don’t have a chance.

Women are taught to look for a man with good character and determined work ethics.

It’s not so much about changing your chivalrous personality for us. It may be more about shaping you into the image of our ideal man.

The good news is most women have a habit of always seeing the good or the potential in men. We see ruff spots on the surface and we want to sand them off, or at least sand them down so the imperfections don’t show as much.

It’s always important for women and men to understand that compromising and being somewhat flexible in a relationship is key.

Men should take it as a compliment that women want to bring out the best version of them. That means she cares.

 “Regardless of the stage of your

relationship, always be open-minded.”

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