Creative Ideas For Meeting Single Men & Women


THE REAL MATCHMAKER – Creative Ideas for meeting single men and women

Whew!  Being single is like a part-time job. If you have been looking to find love “in all the right places”, but it hasn’t happened, here are a few fun and creative ideas for meeting men and women.

Starting with a few small steps goes a long way.  The key to meeting someone naturally is always, always, look good and don’t forget your best accessory “Your smile.”  There is competition, and you don’t want to be bypassed because of sweat pants, flip flops and unwashed hair!  A good place to meet men is at the market/grocery store, the smaller one’s — they like to get in and get out.  Probably later in the day is better, as they usually want to just get it done.  The hardware store is also a place that you can innocently ask for that little bit of advice or a tip, from that guy in the aisle that caught your eye.  

Have you forgotten about the library or bookstore?  This is a fun and creative idea for meeting men.   These men are usually the intelligent type and it’s a nice, quiet environment.  If a charity is interesting to you, it is one of the best places to meet men.   Men doing charity work is a good indicator that they are the emotionally available type.  Why not do a little charity work yourself?  It could be fun!   Have you thought of going to a tech store, such as Apple?   Just look inside.  They are full of men, and what an easy place to start up a conversation – there’s so many “how to questions”, that could help spark a conversation.  

While eating alone in a restaurant isn’t really fun, it can be creative if you have a strategy in place.  It just may be the place you meet that special man.  You took the risk and it worked!  Every man likes his steak every once in a while.  Go to a steak restaurant, and sit at a table near the bar, not the bar.  There you will have the prime position to check out all the men eating and drinking at the bar.  Once you have eye contact, it will be easy for the next step.  Men are more likely to approach you when you are alone and you don’t want to be with a friend that could be your competition!

OK ladies, if you have tried and tried, but still feel that you need that extra, personal touch, is your home.  Why wait, when you could be in love by the end of the year and who knows what next Valentine’s will be like?

For all the men out there, where have you been looking?  If you have a dog, don’t just walk down the street, go to a dog park.  What a fun and creative way to meet women and have your dog do a little socializing as well.  There are so many women there.  Starting up a conversation couldn’t be easier — what a beautiful dog, how old is your dog?   There is no better way to relax and get pampered than getting a manicure and pedicure (without the polish guys).   It’s no longer a “woman thing”.  You may have worked in the garden or changed the oil in your car and need to clean up.   Go for it, pamper yourself.  You’ll be in a roomful of women.  It’s a fun and creative idea for meeting women.  Your friends may tease you, but if you end up with a prize, they may try it themselves, and not admit to it.

Maybe you need to stay in shape but sweating at the gym is too much.  Try a fun and creative idea to meet women at dance classes.  You’ll be swinging to the music, shedding a few pounds, and up close and personal with your lady partners.   After that, if you enjoy wine, go to a wine tasting, it’s a little classier than the bar, and the women have a more sophisticated taste.  


Have you experimented with a few ways to meet people?  Have you run out of ideas?  If you ever need advice or that extra push, is the place to find great ideas, great service, and the love you’ve always been looking for.

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