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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many singles are reminded that another year has gone by and they have yet to find “The One”. Instead of getting down on yourself, use this upcoming holiday as a little extra push to reevaluate your approach to dating.



Dating Tips that work: 

Love yourself. Concentrate on things you enjoy, such as your career, friends, family and interests. When you appreciate the good things in your life and make yourself happy, people perceive you as a confident, healthy person that they would like to get know.

Be prepared. You never know when or where you’ll meet someone.Maybe running an errand or just hanging with friends? Make the extra effort to shower, wear nice clothes, freshen up, be a sweet talker and smile at everyone– you will be glad you did when you find yourself in conversation with an eligible cutie.

Mix things up a bit. Always going to the same coffee shops, restaurants, or bars? Taking the same route when running or walking your dog? Try something different and open up the opportunity to see some new faces. If you do meet someone of interest, flirt and show them your pearly whites! It’s fun, typically harmless and lets people know that you’re available and open to making new connections.

Have fun. Find and participate in clubs and group activities that you’re interested in and enjoy. This could include volunteering, cooking classes, sports teams, speed dating, mingling gatherings, hiking groups, wine tastings, whatever you like! This is a great way to meet someone special, because you already have a shared interest. Plus, you look great when you’re enjoying yourself!

Make a new friend. Although you may not be interested in this person romantically, they could easily be the connection between you and your future boyfriend/girlfriend. Think of all the couples you know that have met through a friend of a friend…they too started by making a friend first. Set a goal this month to make at least 5 new friends.

Finally, stop looking so hard! Go out with friends just to enjoy each others’ company, not to look for dates. The times when you’re not looking at all are when you are the most appealing, because you are free to be yourself without the pressure of trying to impress someone. This shows people that you have other things going on in your life besides trying to find a date, which is very attractive to both men and women.


Summary: Make yourself happy, look your best, switch up your routine, do group activities you enjoy, make a new friend, don’t try so hard and don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

Sharpen up your dating skills 

To do list: 

*Add “flirty” conversation to your dates. Example: “When was your 1st crush? Your 1st kiss”? “What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done”? “What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for love”? “What is your favorite part on your body”? “Is it hot in here (fan yourself and smile)”?

*Make sure to follow up on questions, once they are answered. Keep the conversation flowing by being curious and genuinely interested in your date.

*Learn to compliment the person in front of you. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope by saying, “I love your eyes, they could be your secret weapon”, “Your smile is beautiful, its a little infectious”, “I feel really good being here with you”. 

Love is in the air! 


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