Get a Honey for The Holidays!

It’s that special time of year again and the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring doesn’t mean that your love life needs to come to a halt. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you have someone to smooch under the mistletoe and The Real Matchmaker has a few gifts of their own to share to make your dating life merry and bright!
One reason that people have a hard time meeting people is because we’re too shy to strike up a conversation when we see someone we like. So don’t hesitate…you might just snag a great date! Conversation starters when you are out shopping are endless . If you see someone that catches your eye, strike up a conversation by asking for some advice. Buying wine for a party? Choosing a gift for mom? People love to help each other, so asking for a little guidance will make the other person feel special. Wrap it up (har har!) by saying “Wow, you have really great taste. I know a great wine bar near by if you’d like to grab a drink sometime!” couple-shopping_300You can even increase your chances of bumping into the kind of person you’d like to date by perusing stores that they would shop in. Guys, are you looking for a woman who is really feminine and classy? Go to the accessories and fragrance section of department stores. Any other time of year you might risk looking like a creeper, so take advantage!
The other thing that complicates dating during the holidays is that schedules can get hectic with travel to visit family, company Christmas parties, etc. These can be great for chatting up someone new, but what if you just started dating someone great and it’s too soon to tell if they’re relationship material.
When dating someone new around the holidays, avoid inviting them to a family get together or church service unless you have been out a few times and are ready to take things to the next level. The holidays can be a wonderful time to segue way into becoming an official item, but jumping the gun could make the other person uncomfortable and make for awkward conversations later when your friends and colleagues ask about that nice person you were dating-yikes!Christmas couple
 Instead go on a date that is fun and festive. Go ice skating and have a hot toddy afterward or grab some hot chocolate and go for a drive to look at Christmas lights. If things go well, these could turn into traditions that you will share for a lifetime.
When it comes to gift giving, be subtle. If you just started dating, being too extravagant could make your date feel awkward and you might regret it later if things fall through. Keep your ears open for ideas. If they have a favorite band, go to the webpage and buy some fan gear. Make a list (and check it twice-Oh!) If they mention a book they have been wanting to read, a wine they want to try, etc. Being thoughtful will get you major brownie points.
If you want to make sure you have a honey for the holidays, the time to start looking was, like, yesterday. The Real Matchmaker will set your search into high gear by scouting dates personally for you. The holidays are stressful enough, don’t let a lackluster love life make you feel like a Scrooge. Join our free, confidential Singles Social Network and start dating before the snow starts falling!
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