No More Missed Connections!

Ever wonder what could have been with someone you shared a glance with? Have you spent hours wondering why that great catch you went out with never asked for a second date? Is it driving you crazy that the autogenerated match of your dreams from your online dating site still hasn’t written you, much less given you a wink? Just about every single person has been baffled trying to find the answers to these questions.Our expert matchmakers are happy to share some of the most common reasons the people we encounter don’t always initiate or follow up. More importantly, we’ll get you started on a fool-proof path to make the most of your connections!

The most frustrating scenario is when you meet someone, they ask for your number and then-radio silence. There are a multitude of reasons this happens, but it isn’t always that the person lost interest.

All of us have busy lives and have been guilty of putting that important phone call on the back burner so that we have uninterrupted time to chat and set up a date. Before you know it, 4 days have passed and we assume that the person is upset so we do them the favor of getting lost. Rule #1: Don’t assume anything! If you fear the other person has lost interest or is upset, give them the chance to speak for themselves . By making that call and apologizing for the delay you may get Brownie points for taking accountability and the other person may feel excited and relieved that you finally called. Worst case scenario you don’t get a second chance, but you can breathe easier knowing that you gave it a shot.Traditionally, men are the initiators when it comes to dating. We can sometimes lose sight of the fact that the brunt of the rejection falls upon men in the beginning stages of courting. Even the most confident men are going to fall victim to a little stage fright! That is why many men won’t strike up a conversation if they see you out in day to day life. The fear of rejection could be the reason that he didn’t write after he glanced at your online profile. I have had many men tell me that one of the reasons they didn’t initiate contact was because he thought the woman was too pretty to consider a date with him. That thought alone could break your heart! It is important as women that we send out signals that it is okay to approach us, so the next time you see a guy glancing your way, give him a warm hello-that goes for the real world and online. You will be surprised to find that you are asked out a lot more often.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some third party perspective to your very own love life? Our matchmakers will not only personally scout your dates, we will simplify introductions through coordinating your schedules and choosing a fantastic and convenient meeting location and we are here for you after your dates too! You will gain invaluable insight from the people you meet and your matchmaker will give you thoughtful guidance as to how you can better position yourself for attracting the right partner. We take the guess work out of your dating life so that you have time to focus on more important things -like planning your second date!


Don’t leave your love life to chance! Get started on your path to love by contacting Jessie in Southern California or Anni in The San Francisco Bay Area at 855-664-4588 and fill out your free, confidential profile HERE

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