She said “YES” to a 2nd Date… Now What Guys?



You made it through the first date with a woman you really like.  She also gave you a kiss at the end of the night and accepted your request for a second date. You’re the Man! Now, use this time wisely and figure out if you really have chemistry together. It can be hard to figure out chemistry on a first date because its not always based on physical attraction alone. On your second date, do something fun like a activity or a walk to a cozy restaurant where you can share food.  This will be a more comfortable outing and give you both a chance to share more of your true personalities towards each other. Its time to get playful guys!

Use your second date to help you get to know if she likes your personality, your looks and your presence.  Its not all about her guys, its also your time to take mental notes and see if she is a good match for you.


  •  If you’re an outdoorsy guy, ask her on a date to do something like fishing or hiking, biking, then have a nice picnic together. That way you will know if she shares your passions and interest.
  • If you’re a hands on guy with an adventurous side think about trying a pottery classes (you remember the sexy scene in Ghost), cooking classes, gun range, golf range, and painting classes are all fun to do together. These kind of activities will help you create good memories with your date and you will discover if you both play well together.

By doing this you will learn more about her, it will differ based on what activity you choose for your second date.  I can tell you one thing though, you will still learn much more about your date by doing an activity then just confined to generic dinner date conversation.  Sky is the limit when you push the envelope and differentiate yourself from other dates she has been on in her past.

Until next time, good luck!

Always in love with love, 



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