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At The Real Matchmaker, we act as your socially savvy personal dating coach and recruiter to network through a variety of channels to actively scout personalized, quality dates just for you. We take pride in drawing attractive, successful professionals into our single social network so that your dating life is transformed seamlessly.

Jessie Kay


I have been a Director/Matchmaker for over 22 wonderful years. My venture into dating services began with Great Expectations, the largest and oldest dating agency in the nation. I believed at the start, as I do today, that helping others find love is my calling and my passion.

"Finding someone you’re attracted to doesn’t have to feel like an exhausting part-time job anymore. I can't wait for you to fall in love with someone who wants to make a REAL connection." Listen to the video above, Tarah a real client talks about her trusting journey in matchmaking. Tarah expresses about changing her fears into being optimistic and hopeful in love.

- Jessie Kay
The Real Matchmaker

Matchmaking Services

I am “The Real Matchmaker” – a relationship and dating coach, a soulmate scout, a confidant, and a friend for my clients. All of this comes together to help you find your ideal companion and partner.

I make Real connections and Real sparks possible!

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