Are you “flexible” when it comes to dating?

🔴Be more Flexible: You have to decide whether you want to find a real relationship based on liking someone for the qualities they have – that bring you joy or simply hold on to perfection till it comes your way. You may think you have clarity regarding the type of partner you want but has anyone really met all your dating preferences?
I spoke with a lovely woman yesterday who was not fully comfortable and happy with herself- yet she had all these dating preferences for someone else to meet. Do you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you have to offer someone else? Do you meet all the qualifications on your “preference list” you have for someone else?
I think it is our duty as humans to be flexible enough to accept others, getting some of what we want. You won’t find a single elite perfect man/woman easily. Trust me!

🔴The word “Settling” is such a harsh word.
The most common words I hear singles say is “I don’t want to settle.” Have you ever said that? Unfortunately, I think what most people are saying because they are exhausted with dating is…“I’m not giving up on the things I thought my ideal partner would have.” I think and hope what most people are trying to convey is that they don’t want to share their life with someone who doesn’t share their personal values. Much better said 🙏🏼
🔴Look, we all have fantasies and we all have our own “ideal” wish list. That’s what it means to be human and full of feelings. But I am asking you to “elevate” yourself because it’s important to come to grips with the fact that it’s important to be flexible on a few of those fantasy list items. If you’re out in the dating market and you’re not getting the responses you want, consider changing your approach. You may need to be more flexible…after all we are all only human.
🔴I understand we all want to hold onto our personal preferences — you’re welcome to stay single as long as you like in search of those attributes. But consider being more flexible, I think it will socially put you at ease and bring you more joy by meeting more people. It’s really up to you…it’s your life. 🤔Stay committed to your decisions, but stay FLEXIBLE in your approach… #flexible #Dating #singles #datescouting #professional 

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