Are You Undateable?

Are You Undateable?

You know the song, “Sea of love where everyone would like to drown”!    Are you still standing on the shore alone?  Have you thought about why?  Maybe it’s time to go over some of the reasons why you might be undateable.

Being honest with yourself is important.  Just because you’ve been on a date or two, but were rejected for the next or follow-up date, there is a reason.  You may be undateable.  Going over what you do and do not do on your dates gives you an outline of the possibilities of why you are undateable.  Are you a lady or a gentleman?  Do you say things that are a turn off?  Do you dress appropriately?  Are you a slob or look like a street walker?   What you wear, what you say and what you do make you dateable or undateable.

If you are talking about a bad break up on your date, your ex, how he/she was in bed,   it’s a turn off!  You are undateable!  Do you practice the golden rule, even in bed – do unto others as you’d have them do unto you?  Do you have a great kiss, as a kiss without a French kiss, is not a kiss.  Where do you draw the line?

Do you have passion or are you just in it for the sex?   Are you desperate?  Using that excuse, “I have to get up early for a meeting tomorrow”, or “I have a headache, I’m really tired”.  It’s worn out, it’s cliché, and that next date – well, you know the answer.

Breaking bad habits may be difficult, but extremely important if you are looking for a relationship, that starts with being dateable.   Contact us at for a personal consultation or for meet your matchmaker day, and we will make sure you are on your way for that date you’ve always been looking for, and “drowning in the sea of love”.

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