Finding Love on Christmas

Sometimes finding love and the right connection takes time. It stinks not knowing when love is going to walk through our door, but you have to have perseverance and keep confident that it WILL happen. As an Expert Matchmaker and Dating Coach I often have to remind my clients to smile at everyone, keep your enthusiasm and don’t compare your love life or your journey to others.  

Whether you’ve been “naughty or nice”, Christmas and New Year’s Eve seem to be the hardest holidays to get through when you’re single. Keep in mind that these holidays are only a few weeks out of the year, are highly commercialized, and put a lot of pressure on people. Keep things in perspective.

I always encourage my clients to make plans with or without a relationship, this will help to relieve a lot of the pressure. Join others and share in the festivities–I bet there are others that would want to share in the holiday spirit with you and you might get lucky! Try not to overdo it. You may end up creating too high of expectations or exerting too much pressure. We often can create an image of how we think things should be and become so immersed in it, we forget to enjoy and appreciate what’s in front of us. 

 Think of the holidays as a time to meet someone, rather than a time to be lonely so “hit the road Jack!”… Plan to attend holiday parties for singles, such as mixers, speed dating, ice skating, white elephant gift exchanges, grab someone special and give a kiss while standing under the mistletoe, the list goes on. ‘Tis the season for gifting, so whatever your relationship status, always remember to treat yourself to something nice. I always do! 

Merry Christmas and Blessing to all!

Jessie The Matchmaker ♥

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