Get UN-SINGLE for 2015

It’s about two weeks into 2015 and amongst all the resolutions, you will have thought about your relationship situation, especially if it’s non-existent. If you felt lost, frazzled and exhausted about your dating life in 2014, then now is the time to get CLEAR VISION about your dating life in 2015.
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What is it you are after? Long term relationship? Marriage? Or just dating?  Are you really looking for a serious relationship?  Decide on what it is you are after before you set foot on a date or make decisions about joining a matchmaker or an online dating site.  If you are asked about what you are looking for, express a clear vision and be honest. Be truthful to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
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So you’ve decided that 2015 is the year to get UN-SINGLE.  Are you asking for too much? Are you really setting realistic goals? Are you being so picky that now you are the one standing in your own way?  Most singles are busy and may or may not have a plan, nevertheless stick to a plan. Listen it’s all well and good if you are leaving it to fate or the universe but seriously, your Mr. or Ms. Right will not come knocking on your door.  So it’s your choice to decide to try a little bit of everything (online dating, hitting the bars, matchmaking, singles events, makeover or taking up a new hobby) then make a plan and start the process.  It will require a bit of persistence, everybody knows that online dating can be a chore at times but nothing worthwhile comes easy.  Keep your options open as you never know where and when a great person may show up.
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Saying you want someone kind, happy and giving is a good start but it doesn’t say much else about the qualities you want. A good place to start is to look at yourself and define the kind of characteristics you have with a written list.  What is so great about you?  A relationship works best if you have similar qualities. So if you are ambitious, funny, well-dressed, sporty, attractive, educated then the chances are, you will want someone similar.  Of course, there will be times when you meet someone ambitious, funny and well educated but they turn out to be obsessed with work, critical and your sense of humor doesn’t match up.  Your ‘type’ may need to be refined after each date. Its always a good idea to take mental notes or keep a log so you’re making positive progress after each date. Please remember, having a very stringent list can lead to nothing good!
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Your lifestyle choices can play a big part in stopping you from meeting new attractive singles. If you work long hours, take a step back and allow yourself free time for your hobbies, interests, friends, singles events and dating. Hanging around with your married friends and their children will leave you on the shelf just gathering dust and with most things on a shelf there is an expiration date. Pay special attention to where you live and your surroundings. Are you near and around the types of people you would like to meet and pursue? You get the picture right? You have to make changes to see the positive results and open yourself up to new and better opportunities to meet new attractive singles.
At THE REAL MATCHMAKER, our plan is to help people get a CLEAR VISION on they’re dating lives and get UN-SINGLE. We are here to offer support, love and encouragement all along the way.  GET UN-SINGLE in 2015!
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