He Found His True Love


👉🏽Ray came to me very open hearted and somewhat defeated. He was so tired of living alone forcing himself to dress up for small talk on numerous 1st dates. Ray to my surprise was quite socially active – attended events, was on several dating sites and even joined a dating service. He was pretty exhausted from the dating process and didn’t want to hear just “lip-service” from me. I had the power to help and it was my job to show him his heart was safe and that I would protect it. 💞
👉🏽You see I can’t work with everyone, it is also important to me that I give my energy to people I feel a Real connection with. I want to be friends with you 1st, that’s the only way for me to truly understand what will make you happy in love. I want to know your ❤️ heart and you should know mine. Love doesn’t always happen in a timely manner for all my clients but IF they stay consistent with me, if they are open to possibilities and if they understand that sometimes it takes patience but when it happens… WOW! 😘
👉🏽After about 4 months of setting Ray up on dates and giving him constructive feedback- it came to me…🤔 I remembered a woman in the Southbay area. This was a woman I interviewed and invited to parties maybe 5 or 6 years ago – I remembered her as a lovely, kind hearted Therapist who had more than just one cat 🐈😳. I dug deep and finally came up with her name and information. I reached out to Madison, she was delighted that I remembered her and she gladly accepted a date with Ray. 💃🏽
👉🏽I happily Never heard from Ray again until their celebration of marriage and love 💕. I couldn’t be happier- both so deserving of an amazing life with someone special. 🙏🏼
👉🏽Tell me this… if love comes fast or slow does it really matter? Ray and Madison waited years and years for true love. Their smiles tell it all…what matters is that they found each other, giving both of them a new found Burst 💥of a Love Life Together.
👉🏽We had 1 engagement 💍 in October
👉🏽We had 1 couple elope 💍 in October
👉🏽And now 1 marriage 💍 in October
👉🏽Love is in the air!
👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽Find love the old fashion way, let a Matchmaker who cares Match You. 😘

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