I Gave You My Number Only For You To Put Me in Your Dating Rolodex

Has this happened to you?
Why take my number if you’re not gonna use it?
YES! Meeting a great guy you’re attracted to can be exhilarating, BUT waiting by the phone for his call is not.
This has happened to me before and it’s disappointing, on top of very frustrating. Why take my number if you’re not gonna call me? And please don’t late night text me weeks later, when I don’t remember who you are.
Truth be told I most likely don’t want to hear from you at this point. 🤬
There’s plenty of scenarios you can come up with to understand why he has yet to dial your digits and make the call…Right!?
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and decode why he asked for your number but hasn’t called it.
👉🏽Here are some of the reasons why he’s not picking up that phone.
📍Timing is off for him
📍Married or taken
📍You intimidated him
📍He got a vibe you’re not into him
📍He’s not sure about you
📍You appeared to be too needy
📍Player, no plans of a commitment
📍Busy pursing others
📍He’s just not into you
📍He collects numbers for his dating Rolodex
My rule of 👍🏽Is to give him my great smile and tell him “You should use my number, I don’t give this smile out to just anyone” – then I give it 2 days, if I don’t hear from him by text or phone call — then I Keep it moving…Because he probably is on the move himself. 🤔
GUYS If you ask me for my number and I give it to you, please use it!
And ladies if he doesn’t call, don’t get discouraged…continue your positive path. Just think of it as “You May have dodged a bullet”. Keep giving out your number if you’re feeling him, just have an exit day (2 days). Trust me! The Right guy will know how to use your number! 📲


Thank you for reading.

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