Men Are Always Interested In Your Natural Beauty

Natural Glow + Natural Hair + Beer 🍺 in Hand 

“Is Coming Back In Style” 🙌🏽
👉🏽 Most men are not picking up on the things we think they are about us ladies. In general men are wired to notice more obvious signs that convey interest in mating like a warm smile or bright eyes. So in other words he’s probably not noticing that your lipstick 💄 has faded. As of late I’ve talked to several men, and they tell me they could care less what lengh of hair you buy at the beauty supply store or what wig of the day you wear. In fact he may really enjoy your wild natural hair, this shows him your carefree and relaxed – which men really like. Ok let’s talk face 😳 with all the nuances in the make up world- I can never keep up with it. The sultry eye, the smoky eye, the double cut crease, the half cut crease, the glittery eye – Yada yada! There’s So much Makeup! I find that most men are more turned on by a more natural looking face (light makeup 👌🏽), your natural glow is really alluring. Over done makeup can be a deterrent to a man, It can discourage him from coming closer to you and going in for the kiss 😘. Showing affection by touching and being closer is exactly what men really want to do.
Natural beauty really entices men, they will tell you this time and time again.




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