Pick-up Lines…Do They Really Work?

What’s the BEST Pick-up line you’ve heard lately?
We all know that we don’t have direct access to a person’s characteristics or inner thoughts… so we have to judge by actions and underlying traits or from their over- expressive behavior.
It’s been said that those who use offensive – yet mostly harmless lines maybe a little smarter or more sociable than others. Some women may perceive men who use funny-cheesy pick-up lines to be more approachable or a funny guy. But it can also backfire on you too – Someone may perceive you as less trustworthy or a player type.

Here’s my rule of 👍🏽
👉🏽Men are more receptive to direct openers.
👉🏽And ladies we are more receptive to innocent openers that are flirty and playful.

I know you may have difficulty chatting it up with other singles. You may even have a hard time doing it without using corny jokes riddled with sexual intent.
But I urge you to check yourself and to be more contextually appropriate. Keep it up and I might just use your pick up line for my next “What the heck kinda pick-up line was that?” I encourage you to engage, tell good stories, most of all be yourself and have fun. And Yes…A little confidence goes a long way. Trust me guys…We want you to hit on us 🙏🏼. Just choose your words wisely- it could be the reason you get the girl/guy. Or It could be the reason you just don’t 😳.
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