She Says “I am Just Looking To Make New Friends”

Are you getting friend zoned when you go out? More and more men are complaining about women at organized singles events, which are meant for meeting someone to date. Men have told me that lately when they have approached single women at these events, they get responses like “I am only here to make friends.” Well, I am going to give it to you straight guys! In some fashion she is right, she is there to make friends, when it comes to YOU. That doesn’t mean she isn’t looking for a relationship or a new dating experience…I mean she is at a singles event after all.

This is just a nice way of saying she isn’t interested. As a Dating Coach I always encourage women to be honest when they are not interested in a guy, but sometimes telling someone to their face that “your just not my type” isn’t always easy to say.

By know means does this mean there is something wrong with you. She is just not the one, so move on to a woman who is looking for a relationship…with a guy like you.

Always in love with love! 


]Expert Matchmaker with 18 years of experience


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