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Pick-up Lines…Do They Really Work?

What’s the BEST Pick-up line you’ve heard lately?
We all know that we don’t have direct access to a person’s characteristics or inner thoughts… so we have to judge by actions and underlying traits or from their over- expressive behavior.
It’s been said that those who use offensive – yet mostly harmless lines maybe a little smarter or more sociable than others. Some women may perceive men who use funny-cheesy pick-up lines to be more approachable or a funny guy. But it can also backfire on you too – Someone may perceive you as less trustworthy or a player type.

Here’s my rule of 👍🏽
👉🏽Men are more receptive to direct openers.
👉🏽And ladies we are more receptive to innocent openers that are flirty and playful.

I know you may have difficulty chatting it up with other singles. You may even have a hard time doing it without using corny jokes riddled with sexual intent.
But I urge you to check yourself and to be more contextually appropriate. Keep it up and I might just use your pick up line for my next “What the heck kinda pick-up line was that?” I encourage you to engage, tell good stories, most of all be yourself and have fun. And Yes…A little confidence goes a long way. Trust me guys…We want you to hit on us 🙏🏼. Just choose your words wisely- it could be the reason you get the girl/guy. Or It could be the reason you just don’t 😳.
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Beauty Is Way More Than Just Skin Deep…

Being beautiful does not make anyone over the top special- I see and know many beautiful people they’re everywhere.

Beauty…well it doesn’t really make the human being. Being beautiful amounts from flaws and from who you are inside. We ALL learn from a young age, it’s really what’s inside of you that Really counts.
Being called beautiful is not just a skin deep compliment. Beauty is like the highest mountain peak on which there is a strong foundation of high quality-good character. I would rather be a beautiful person inside and out than to be just called just beautiful or pretty.

I have so much more to offer than just a face or a body. And believe me I personally know So Many People just like Me…”Beautiful on the inside and out!” I am human. I am grounded, I am a big-hearted happy lady with Love shining through every smile…every look. It wasn’t until I matured and allowed a High Vibration to lead me through life that I realized how all of my attributes combined make me – A Beautiful Person.

All Women Around the World 🌎 need to know that they are beautiful. There is so much that makes us who we are, and being authentic, happy and approachable contributes to being “A Brighter Beautiful Light 🌟” Be your own Light Love, Authentically attract those on a “Higher Happy Vibration 💫”

🔴 15 Affirmations I say daily:

I am beautiful because I am a strong woman.

I am beautiful because I am smart and curious.

I am beautiful because I am empathetic and giving to others.

I am beautiful because I am funny and I laugh often.

I am beautiful because I smile just because.

I am beautiful because I am optimistic.

I am beautiful because I love myself inside and out.

I am beautiful because I care about humans around me.

I am beautiful because I give back to others.

I am beautiful because I work through any and all pain.

I am beautiful because I respect others.

I am beautiful because I love my body.

I am beautiful because I won’t be defined- I love Me.

I am beautiful because I love my flaws.

I am beautiful because… I am myself. And that is all I really want others to see ❤️.
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I Gave You My Number Only For You To Put Me in Your Dating Rolodex

Has this happened to you?
Why take my number if you’re not gonna use it?
YES! Meeting a great guy you’re attracted to can be exhilarating, BUT waiting by the phone for his call is not.
This has happened to me before and it’s disappointing, on top of very frustrating. Why take my number if you’re not gonna call me? And please don’t late night text me weeks later, when I don’t remember who you are.
Truth be told I most likely don’t want to hear from you at this point. 🤬
There’s plenty of scenarios you can come up with to understand why he has yet to dial your digits and make the call…Right!?
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and decode why he asked for your number but hasn’t called it.
👉🏽Here are some of the reasons why he’s not picking up that phone.
📍Timing is off for him
📍Married or taken
📍You intimidated him
📍He got a vibe you’re not into him
📍He’s not sure about you
📍You appeared to be too needy
📍Player, no plans of a commitment
📍Busy pursing others
📍He’s just not into you
📍He collects numbers for his dating Rolodex
My rule of 👍🏽Is to give him my great smile and tell him “You should use my number, I don’t give this smile out to just anyone” – then I give it 2 days, if I don’t hear from him by text or phone call — then I Keep it moving…Because he probably is on the move himself. 🤔
GUYS If you ask me for my number and I give it to you, please use it!
And ladies if he doesn’t call, don’t get discouraged…continue your positive path. Just think of it as “You May have dodged a bullet”. Keep giving out your number if you’re feeling him, just have an exit day (2 days). Trust me! The Right guy will know how to use your number! 📲


Thank you for reading.

Connect with me at

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Are you “flexible” when it comes to dating?

🔴Be more Flexible: You have to decide whether you want to find a real relationship based on liking someone for the qualities they have – that bring you joy or simply hold on to perfection till it comes your way. You may think you have clarity regarding the type of partner you want but has anyone really met all your dating preferences?
I spoke with a lovely woman yesterday who was not fully comfortable and happy with herself- yet she had all these dating preferences for someone else to meet. Do you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you have to offer someone else? Do you meet all the qualifications on your “preference list” you have for someone else?
I think it is our duty as humans to be flexible enough to accept others, getting some of what we want. You won’t find a single elite perfect man/woman easily. Trust me!

🔴The word “Settling” is such a harsh word.
The most common words I hear singles say is “I don’t want to settle.” Have you ever said that? Unfortunately, I think what most people are saying because they are exhausted with dating is…“I’m not giving up on the things I thought my ideal partner would have.” I think and hope what most people are trying to convey is that they don’t want to share their life with someone who doesn’t share their personal values. Much better said 🙏🏼
🔴Look, we all have fantasies and we all have our own “ideal” wish list. That’s what it means to be human and full of feelings. But I am asking you to “elevate” yourself because it’s important to come to grips with the fact that it’s important to be flexible on a few of those fantasy list items. If you’re out in the dating market and you’re not getting the responses you want, consider changing your approach. You may need to be more flexible…after all we are all only human.
🔴I understand we all want to hold onto our personal preferences — you’re welcome to stay single as long as you like in search of those attributes. But consider being more flexible, I think it will socially put you at ease and bring you more joy by meeting more people. It’s really up to you…it’s your life. 🤔Stay committed to your decisions, but stay FLEXIBLE in your approach… #flexible #Dating #singles #datescouting #professional 

Find love,


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Stop Comparing and You Will Find Love


(or to HER).

🤨This is a statement I hear all to often. Many people I talk to judge others harshly and decide ahead of time that no one can ever compare to him (or her). We all have that one person we can point to and say that’s my type… but is it really? I honestly don’t think people do this consciously, I think most people do it because it feels safe. Or maybe because you truly like the way he makes you feel…you swear your heart doesn’t lie! I’ve been there too!🥺

🤔I listen to people time and time again tell me a blown up story celebrating only his or her☝🏽highs conveniently forgetting his or her👇🏽downfalls. I mean is he or she really God’s gift to earth and was he or she really the greatest lover? Really?? 😍I have my own intense crush. And I too have absolutely gotten carried away with the fantasy of a man. As humans we all are creators, the mind is an amazing instrument. It’s easy to come up with a fiction version of him (or her), remembering him as the best you’ve ever had.

Sure it may sound cheesy but it’s true…and it happens.

When you’re comparing, nothing or nobody could ever be enough. And that is why most people are harshly judging others before even knowing their story.
People can be amazing, smart, and attractive and we still feel blah about them. They just aren’t Him ( or her). I think if I am being honest I know the man in my mind and in my heart is only human – with all kinds of flaws – yet I still idealize him (you may be doing the same subconsciously).

Healing has its own clock and sometimes it takes a while. Moving forward – it’s ok to keep the memory of someone special. It’s also important to learn how to compartmentalize in your heart (find room for others). And stop comparing…I will help teach your heart to be open to possibilities. It’s important that I keep you present and show you that someone “DIFFERENT can be oh so GOOD for you!!”. 



Jessie 🙂


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Men Are Always Interested In Your Natural Beauty

Natural Glow + Natural Hair + Beer 🍺 in Hand 

“Is Coming Back In Style” 🙌🏽
👉🏽 Most men are not picking up on the things we think they are about us ladies. In general men are wired to notice more obvious signs that convey interest in mating like a warm smile or bright eyes. So in other words he’s probably not noticing that your lipstick 💄 has faded. As of late I’ve talked to several men, and they tell me they could care less what lengh of hair you buy at the beauty supply store or what wig of the day you wear. In fact he may really enjoy your wild natural hair, this shows him your carefree and relaxed – which men really like. Ok let’s talk face 😳 with all the nuances in the make up world- I can never keep up with it. The sultry eye, the smoky eye, the double cut crease, the half cut crease, the glittery eye – Yada yada! There’s So much Makeup! I find that most men are more turned on by a more natural looking face (light makeup 👌🏽), your natural glow is really alluring. Over done makeup can be a deterrent to a man, It can discourage him from coming closer to you and going in for the kiss 😘. Showing affection by touching and being closer is exactly what men really want to do.
Natural beauty really entices men, they will tell you this time and time again.




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He Found His True Love


👉🏽Ray came to me very open hearted and somewhat defeated. He was so tired of living alone forcing himself to dress up for small talk on numerous 1st dates. Ray to my surprise was quite socially active – attended events, was on several dating sites and even joined a dating service. He was pretty exhausted from the dating process and didn’t want to hear just “lip-service” from me. I had the power to help and it was my job to show him his heart was safe and that I would protect it. 💞
👉🏽You see I can’t work with everyone, it is also important to me that I give my energy to people I feel a Real connection with. I want to be friends with you 1st, that’s the only way for me to truly understand what will make you happy in love. I want to know your ❤️ heart and you should know mine. Love doesn’t always happen in a timely manner for all my clients but IF they stay consistent with me, if they are open to possibilities and if they understand that sometimes it takes patience but when it happens… WOW! 😘
👉🏽After about 4 months of setting Ray up on dates and giving him constructive feedback- it came to me…🤔 I remembered a woman in the Southbay area. This was a woman I interviewed and invited to parties maybe 5 or 6 years ago – I remembered her as a lovely, kind hearted Therapist who had more than just one cat 🐈😳. I dug deep and finally came up with her name and information. I reached out to Madison, she was delighted that I remembered her and she gladly accepted a date with Ray. 💃🏽
👉🏽I happily Never heard from Ray again until their celebration of marriage and love 💕. I couldn’t be happier- both so deserving of an amazing life with someone special. 🙏🏼
👉🏽Tell me this… if love comes fast or slow does it really matter? Ray and Madison waited years and years for true love. Their smiles tell it all…what matters is that they found each other, giving both of them a new found Burst 💥of a Love Life Together.
👉🏽We had 1 engagement 💍 in October
👉🏽We had 1 couple elope 💍 in October
👉🏽And now 1 marriage 💍 in October
👉🏽Love is in the air!
👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽Find love the old fashion way, let a Matchmaker who cares Match You. 😘

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How to Approach the Pretty Woman in Room

Are you mentally prepared to pick up on a woman at a moment’s notice and talk to her? Do you know exactly what to do in order to get the ball rolling with her? Do you easily strike up conversations with women while you’re on the move? Your prepared enough with your approach that she finds you attractive?

When it comes to figuring out where to meet women, you have to understand that they are everywhere just waiting for you to approach them authentically. Did you read me…I said Authentically. These women want real conversation with real eye contact and real intentions.

As a Matchmaker we make the approach easy so you can focus on having an engaging conversation. If I can speak frankly I’d love to share a tidbit of very important information concerning your dating opportunities. Do I have your attention? Our amazing female clients are extremely excited to connect with you, they are sincerely looking to meet someone special. They can’t wait to laugh and love. If by chance you are not working with a Matchmaker then I urge you to approach and talk to women. Talk about whatever’s happening in the store, happening on the street, or maybe something significant that’s happening in the world. Tell a joke, make her laugh. Make fun of something that’s going on around you the two you but please, please stay away from cheesy pickup lines…unless you want to see her run away from you as fast as she can…I just think women are sick and tired of them. Straight talk with a little funny, upbeat sarcasm will serve you well.

I will encourage you to try more spontaneity in your approach? It’s ok to let the situation dictate your pickup approach? Most women love it when your more like yourself. Try smiling in her direction and throwing out a compliment to her.

Say something like, “Sorry to bother you, but I have a quick pasta question? Do you wait till the water boils before you put the noodles in?”

After she answers thank her and tell her, “I owe you a pasta dinner sometime”. If you’ve got an open window, take advantage of it wholeheartedly.

If you fear rejection, it will rear its ugly head, time and time again, and ruin your approach. There’s no other way to put it than being completely blunt…you have to always go for it. I do!

Stop trying to figure out what women really want, you’re not going to be successful with every woman every single time. And no man has ever mastered the “Women’s Code”. Let’s put it in baseball terms, try to bat at least .300. Sure, you’ll be rejected seven times but you’ll also go home with three new phone numbers in your phone. Oh hell yeah!

Lastly pay attention to a woman’s body language. The way a woman moves is keys. I encourage my clients to use their secret weapon…you know it and I know it, it’s all about the charming personality. Her body language will tell you if you’ve got her attention and it will also tell you if you haven’t got it. But it’s not a total lost cause…just because she is giving you the “not really vibe”, take your time and massage the conversation more. Remind yourself that women fall in love through their ears. The women I work with will always appreciate a man who is authentically trying to get to know them. If it seems like things are going well, make it a point to take things to the next level. It’s like building blocks, be playfully smart and curious that way you are growing the conversation. When you understand her personality type it is super easy to close the dating opportunity. Put a little more elbow grease into your dating approach, stand out from others… it won’t go unnoticed.

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My life is not different then yours in a lot of ways. You’re busy, you work hard-play hard, you love deep and you have little time for yourself. I’ve definitely had some hard moments this past year. Moments that have thrown me a little off balance. I noticed my energy and my vibration level was low and it started to affect my psyche. Even though I laughed and smiled all day long, I still felt sluggish inside. Some of the moments I went through were personal and some had to do with a relationship ending. I found myself also letting my own frustrations with being a newly single woman in her 40’s attribute to my sluggishness. The funny thing is I didn’t really see myself when I looked in the mirror. I made up all kinds of excuses in my own head. I’m sharing this because I know I’m not the only one blinded to the sluggish image in the mirror – not really coming full circle with how I may have been perceived. I was sabotaging my own healthy vibe. So at the end of August I knew I wanted to change. I wanted to push myself to feel my best. I made a conscience decision to attract more happy moments and build better relationships. I started a “30 day challenge”, challenging myself on September 6th. I am determined to raise my vibration and give my attitude a new positive outlook. I realized that I was not attracting the kind of people I wanted to attract, and I know that dating starts with ME. I can’t ask for something if I can’t offer the same in return. 

So I learned how to meditate in the morning (kinda getting better at it😏) and I now repeat positive affirmations daily. I made a kickass vision board. I started working out 6 days a week followed by a healthy eating plan. I am smiling all day-working on not judging. It’s been hard getting up at 5:30 am, sometimes I want to give up. But I crave change and by day 15 of my challenge I noticed a burst of energy running through my body and a healthier body forming. I’m smiling more, your only as good as you feel. I am liking the person I see in the mirror more, my spirit is lifting. I was excited pushing through my 30 day challenge.

And on day 29… I received the ultimate compliment… a cute guy in line at the store said to me, “You must of had a great workout because you’re glowing”. I smiled from ear to ear 😁

…And said, “Thanks, I’m just loving myself more”.😘

I am excited to continue my path of raising my positive vibration and working on my continual Weightloss/better health. 💪🏽 

I am looking to attract the right people for me when I am at my Best.

Are you at your Best? 
Take your own 30 day challenge to a better you. 🙌🏽 

(ask me how to get started)

Live your best life,


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Successful People Seeking Romantic Relationships


I don’t know many successful people that rely on luck. Most of them make a plan, hire out for the best results and push forward towards their goals. It’s like a well oiled machine – efficiency is everything. I think its fair to assume that busy professionals spend endless hours thinking about how to grow business and not which way to swipe on a dating app. In the business world there are many early mornings and even more late nights, leaving very little time for a personal life. There are no shortcuts to a place worth going to. 


Technology has changed all of our lives so much so that if you are a high quality successful single business person you barely have time to breath. Never mind figuring out these forever changing gadgets and dating apps, with so much available and ever changing we rarely slow down to think of how it’s impacting finding real love. How many of us can honestly say that the Swipe right-Swipe left phenomenon, is really adding to our lives. I think many of us would argue that dating apps have maybe negatively affected the search for finding love. After all it capitalizes on the idea that quantity vs. quality is better. Yet I think most would say dating apps are exhausting and they are time guzzlers and more times than not they bring disappointment. Most online gadgets are designed to keep you swiping right and left rather than help you find the right match – the apps defense is that they think quantity is king . And all this does is it creates the “next best thing” effect, which undoubtably causes us to focus on superficial qualities or instant chemistry. Which brings me to my point…most high quality successful singles understand that lasting, committed relationships take time, they take hard work that it requires trust and dedication. Success is usually never gained with just a swipe and rarely if ever happens instantly.


As a matchmaker for the last 23 years, I like to think my job is very important… it’s a journey, a journey we take together. I love meeting happy successful singles that are open to possibilities and believe in work hard-play hard method. The ones who do not believe in smoke and mirrors they just give you straight talk and they like having a dating road map (it’s the little details that really matter). As a matchmaker it’s my job to relieve you of the driver seat position. I know it’s important to give you the time to focus on your success in business and not on whether or not you are going to run into someone special. On this journey we will follow your personalized dating map, I will introduce you to wonderful beautiful people…people you will usually not run into on your own. Because as a busy professional we know that most the people you run into maybe during a meeting or at a conference and the chances are slim that you want to date someone from work. Knowing this makes me even more focused to finding you lasting, exclusive commitments – pulling out all the stops so you don’t miss out. Busy executives don’t want to deal with the day in the day out of trying to find that special person. So as a matchmaker I try to create an environment that makes getting to know each other exciting, comfortable and enjoyable. Listen, the hardest part of dating as a successful professional is not really the “dating” part – it’s the time factor, the outcome. Successful people are usually rushing around making the most of their time. I understand this and I honor their professional mindset. Executives rarely have time to go out and meet new people in bars or clubs there just isn’t enough time in the day nor is that their focus. They usually have little time and effort to date and quality plus a true connection is most important to them.


I enjoy working with successful go-getters. There is always a reason that they are on the top of the corporate ladder. They are most always driven, persistent and they ooze confidence at work. If I ask them they most likely know what they want in life and will do anything in their power to get it.

If you are high-quality successful Single I encourage you to sit down with me. Let’s talk about your personal journey and what that looks like to you. I look forward to helping you find your road map to love.

Warm Regards,



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